• COVID Vaccine Matters 
    • Drs. Larry Corey, Chris Beyrer and colleagues of the COVID-19 Prevention Network, have penned a series of blogs on the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which can be found here. The latest entry includes commentary on the adverse events seen in the COVID-19 adenovirus-based vaccines.


  • Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in BIPOC Communities — Toward Trustworthiness, Partnership, and Reciprocity
    • Drs. Michele Andrasik and Sandra Quinn of the CoVPN published a manuscript in the New England Journal of Medicine describing the background of, and important considerations to address, vaccine hesitancy in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. This publication provides important steps necessary to take in order to build and maintain trust, partnership, and reciprocity. The publication can be accessed here.


  • Driving Racial Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration
    • The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 produced a guidebook serves as an aid for various stakeholders—government officials, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, retail pharmacies, health institutions—to leverage in developing their vaccine administration plans to enable access within the Black community. Access the guidebook here.


  • Dr. Stephaun Wallace Profile in GatesNotes
    • Dr. Stephaun Wallace of the COVID-19 Prevention Network was profiled in Bill Gates’ blog, Gates Notes. Learn more about the profile and see the accompanying video here.


  • New Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander COVID-19 Tools
    • Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum and their partners recently launched two exciting new tools to support AA and NHPI communities and providers. AA-NHPI Health Response is a health education website aimed at providing COVID-19 and vaccination information to communities. Project Firstline is a provider-based education tool that offers COVID-19 and vaccination information.


  • Community Vaccination Resources
    • Public Health Seattle-King County (WA) has a suite of COVID-19 vaccination resources and materials on their website in many languages. Learn more about the materials and resources here.


  • Prevent COVID U
    • The CoVPN announced the launch of Prevent COVID U, a new study evaluating SARS-CoV-2 acquisition and transmission among college students vaccinated with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more about this study here.


  • The Conversation: Between Us, About Us
    • Kaiser Family Foundation and the Black Coalition Against COVID-19 launched a new campaign aimed at providing Black communities with credible information about COVID-19 vaccines and the variants. In it, Black doctors, nurses, and researchers dispel misinformation and provide facts via short videos. Learn more about the campaign and view the videos here.


  • Community Engagement Materials Menu (updated 10 Mar 2021) 
    • You can access all of the CoVPN Community Engagement materials that have been created and share with your friends, colleagues, and communities via a secure Dropbox here (Password: CoVPNTria!$) or see the attached menu document.


  • COVID-19 Toolkits
    • The CDC released a new toolkit to assist community-based organizations in educating communities about COVID-19. You can access the toolkit here. AdCouncil also released a series of toolkits for Black, Hispanic, Faith, and public health communities. You can access the toolkits here.


Circling Back:

  • HIV in the USA
    • HIV is an epidemic that continues to impact communities around the world, burdening some communities disproportionately, especially during COVID-19. Check out this open-access series of published works by leading experts in community engagement, epidemiology, and healthcare here.


  • Urban Indian Health Institute COVID-19 Resources

o   The Urban Indian Health Institute produced many resources focused on engaging American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Check out the resources and videos here.


  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum COVID-19 Resources

o   The Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum produced many resources focused on engaging Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Check out the resources and videos here.


  • Latino Commission on AIDS COVID-19 Resources
    • The Latino Commission on AIDS has curated and developed many resources focused on engaging Hispanic/Latino communities. Check out the resources here.


Black AIDS Institute COVID-19 Resources

o   The Black AIDS Institute has compiled resources focused on engaging Black communities. Check out the resources and videos here.


  • Treatment Action Group COVID-19 Resources
    • Treatment Action Group has compiled resources focused on engaging diverse communities, including persons living with HIV. Check out the resources here.


  • UnidosUS COVID-19 Resources
    • Our partners at UnidosUS have compiled resources focused on engaging Hispanic/Latino communities. Check out the resources here.


  • CoVPN Virtual Community Sessions
    • You can watch past recordings of our community education and engagement discussions COVID in Black, PANDEMIA, and Imam and COVID-19 on the CoVPN YouTube Page here.