A leader in promoting and developing a state supported tuberculosis hospital for black patients in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The battle for equality and equity in healthcare continues today. Historically and presently, the ONSMS continues to:

  1. Promote equity in healthcare and advocates in the interest of physicians challenged by discriminatory actions
  2. Work toward eliminating racism in the practice of medicine
  3. Support legislative action to improve healthcare for all people, including the poor, the aged and the residents of rural and urban areas
  4. Offer to its members a continuing scientific program with frequent presentations by its own member specialists, as well as by the leading medical scholars adn researchers in the state and nation

The work of ONSMS in health promotion and health education has included:

  • Free community health screenings and on-site medical consultations
  • Presentations at numerous public and professional conferences and health fairs on a variety of health topics
  • A focus on prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • A focus on teen tobacco use prevention and cessation
  • Support to encourage students to enter health professions
  • Research initiatives