COVID-19 vaccinations have largely proved safe for the HIV+ population. They might need to get an additional primary shot if their HIV is advanced (including an AIDS diagnosis), or if they’re not currently treating their HIV. Getting boosted is also vital for continuing to protect oneself from COVID-19. HIV+ patients are cautious about using Paxlovid, a COVID-19 anti-viral produced by Pfizer. The anti-viral in Paxlovid is also a popular treatment drug for HIV+ patients.

Some experts claim that administering Paxlovid with HIV antiretrovirals is safe. Others say that there are instances when not prescribing it is completely justified because of fear of interactions with other, similar medications.

HIV patients will have to continue to make the best, most informed decisions they can, with their physicians’ help.

In 2023, ONSMS is working in collaboration with COMPASS Initiative Faith Coordinating Center to address the needs of vulnerable populations such as rural communities in Appalachia, African Americans and LGBTQ individuals. These groups, particularly in the South, often experience a higher number of cases of HIV/AIDS with access to fewer support and prevention resources.

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