The Old North State
Medical Society

Established in 1887, The Old North State Medical Society is one of the oldest medical societies for African American Physicians in the United States.

The Old North State Medical Society (ONSMS) was formed in 1887 to further the interests of African American physicians and continues to support the interests of minority physicians. We focus on educating and advocating for the most vulnerable patients and people residing in communities that consistently produce poorer health outcomes and seek to protect the quality of patient care in all communities of North Carolina.

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  • Support retention of a strong patient-physician relationship.

  • Promote quality, affordable patient-centered care.

  • Advocate for the most vulnerable patients.

  • Promote continuing education for physicians.

  • Provide opportunities for peer networking.

  • Mentor the next generation of minority physicians.

Our Board of Directors

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Charlene Green, MD


George Kilpatrick, MD


Arthur V. Stringer, MD

1st Vice President

Steven Ferguson, MD

2nd Vice President

Michaux Kilpatrick, MD


Karen Schooler, MD


Ira Smith, MD


Elijah Beaty, MD MPH

Cedric Bright, MD

Wesley Ibazebo, MD

Matthew B. Brothers, MD

Shaniqua Nisbett McGraw, MD

Maria Small, MD

Edward Treadwell, MD