ONSMS is seeking a Social Worker/Caseworker

Social Worker/Caseworker Job Description


Caseworker creates a network of coordinated care to efficiently and effectively connect individuals to needed services. Makes referrals for needed services, including Behavioral Health.  Note:  This is a temporary position through October, 2021.


  • Assessing cases and compiling case reports containing relevant information.  
  • Collecting information related to social determinants of health.
  • Ensuring that case reports are kept up to date
  • Providing support, guidance and counsel to individuals in need.
  • Making referrals or introductions to other agencies
  • Encouraging individuals to participate in rehabilitation programs
  • Reporting abuse, neglect or dependency 
  • Other duties as may be assigned 


  • Bachelor’s degree in social work 
  • Master’s degree is preferred 
  • State licensure 
  • Basis computer skills 
  • Must be socially perceptive to work with individuals who have difficulty expressing their needs
  • Knowledge of crisis-intervention methodologies


  • One year of relevant and/or specialty experience preferred 
  • Effective leadership skills. Strong interpersonal skills. 
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively. 
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication and strong analytical skills. 
  • Effective interaction to ensure the successful care of patients in the clinical setting. 
  • Must be organized and practical
  • Proven coordination skills to connect individuals/families with relevant services
  • Ability to compromise, negotiate, and work well with others