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Annual Scientific Session

June 22-23, 2018 | Raleigh NC

The Annual Scientific Session provides ONSMS members and healthcare professionals with two days of meetings about medical diagnostics, treatments, and cases as they relate to a broad selection of medical specialties. The event gives presenters and participants alike a chance to explore emerging trends in the medical field, brush up on clinical information and forge strong professional ties. Physicians learn about new technologies that will equip them to better serve their patients with topics including emerging trends, updates to traditional medicine, and new methods of detecting diseases.



Check back regularly as we add lecture details and schedule updates. Lecture downloads will be available prior to the conference.

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John M. Woodyear, Jr. MD

Welcome to the Conference

John M. Woodyear, Jr., MD—President, ONSMS

Jeffrey Galvin, MD

Executive Wellness: A New Approach to Individualized Care

Jeffrey Galvin, MD—Charlotte, NC

Naveed Aziz, MD

Changes in Medical Care Access in NC and Nationally

Naveed Aziz, MD—Spring Lake, NC

Kathi Tevlin, Brand Architect

Top 10 Trends Transforming Medical Marketing 2018

Kathi Tevlin, Marketing Strategist—Lake Placid, NY

Kenneth E. Fleishman, MD

The Impaired Physician

Kenneth E. Fleishman, MD—Fayetteville, NC

Understanding ACO-CIN and Its Implications

Karen L. Smith, MD, PA, FAAFP


The Annual Business Meeting of The Old North State Medical Society will begin promptly at 4:30pm after the last lecture. We encourage all members to attend as important matters for the coming year are discussed and a review of progress to-date is provided.

Your suggestions and feedback are important and welcome—this is the time to share them! We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


AWARDS BANQUET 7:00–9:30pm

Raleigh, NC

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