ONSMS Member Profile – Laurence S. Webster, MD

/ONSMS Member Profile – Laurence S. Webster, MD

One of this month’s Member Profiles is Dr. Laurence S. Webster from Greensboro, NC, who specializes in the integration of traditional and non-traditional medicine for the treatment of addiction as well as the long-term effects of environmental toxins.

Dr. Webster is a primary care physician with a special interest in integrative medicine, precision medicine and the long-term effects of environmental toxins. He is currently engaged in work with the Governor’s Office and Legislature of North Carolina to help successfully address the epidemic of pervasive clinical disorders on individuals. Dr. Webster’s clinical work includes over 20 years as an Emergency Room Physician and Clinical Director of Midwest Medical Clinics. Working closely with private pharmacies and non-traditional sources, Dr. Webster has used the principles outlined in the 2015 Precision Medicine Initiative to develop unique approaches for individual patients.

Dr. Laurence E. Webster, MD
5710-k High Point Road, PMB-198
Greensboro, NC 27407
Phone: 336-906-8670

Physicians and healthcare professionals interested in guest posting to his blog, may contact him directly.

Visit Dr. Webster’s website to learn more.

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