Hurricane Florence – ONSMS Response

PHOTOS: Hyde County NC-Steve Helber AP; Lumberton NC-Gerry Broome AP; Lumberton NC-David Goldman AP The Executive Board met early Sunday evening to discuss how members of The Old North State Medical Society can provide much needed assistance to care providers and patients affected by Hurricane Florence and to help people continue their [...]

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2017 Hypertension Guidelines Update In November 2017, the rules changed about what classifies as high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Experts looking at all the newest data defined hypertension as a reading of 130/80. This new guideline lowers the previous standard of 140/90. Read more about how this change affects Americans now [...]

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Black History Month 2017

"Hundreds of thousands descended on Washington, DC's, Lincoln Memorial Aug. 28, 1963. It was from the steps of the memorial that King delivered his famous I Have a Dream speech. King's many speeches and nonviolent actions were instrumental in shaping the nation's outlook on equality.” —from Open Vault from WGBH Listen [...]

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